Experience the best cooling performance with ROJUN Cooling System.

ROJUN offers an effective and efficient Cooling Pad with high hydroscopicity, quick-drying and hole-free to prevent algae and other micro organism at it's surface, preventing the diseases on your poultry 

Achieve the best environment condition of your poultry house with efficient ventilation system.

Fans are the heart of ventilation system, that is why we are offering a wide-range of fans that delivers durability, efficiency and high-performance capability to ensure the proper air exchange and distribute quality fresh-air inside your poultry house.

Innovate your ventilation system with ROJUN for the optimum house climate condition with less energy consumption.

Innovate your poultry management system with ROJUN Environment Controller Equipment. Strategically designed, to capture the best production practices to optimize the production process with high efficiency in monitoring and controlling the temperature, humidity, lights and static pressure to maintain the best environmental condition of poultry house.Maximize the benefits and minimize the risk on management with our most reliable and cost-efficient controller system.